The headshot:

There are few things that make so much of an impression in such a short amount of time. The headshot is your calling card. It's the face behind the resume. If the resume is what piques a potential client's interest, a headshot is what makes them pick up the phone.

All too often, a professional headshot is one of the most overlooked parts of a public relations package. It's put to the side as something "my cousin with a camera" can do. Big mistake! 

Imagine, if you will, two identical resumes posted on Linkedin side by side with two people who happen to look almost exactly the same. Person #1 has a quick snapshot, maybe a selfie, taken with a cell phone. The lighting is bad. The smile is awkward. They don't exude confidence. It's amateurish. Person #2 has had their shot professionally done. It screams "professional." Not only does the person look ready to work, but there's a light in their eyes. There's a spark there that says, "you'd be silly not to hire me." Who would you hire?

A dynamite headshot tells a potential employer or client that you are taking your job seriously. You have invested time, money, and effort into your appearance. Person #2 is hired. Person #1 failed to invest in themselves and is left searching for leads.

Although an incredible headshot is important, I firmly believe it shouldn't break the bank.

We specialize in headshots that turn heads while fitting the budgets of the most fiscally conservative individuals and businesses, small and large.

Rates for individuals start at only $149, while bulk rate packages for businesses can be had for as little as $59 per head.


Let us show you how quick and painless a headshot experience can be. 

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