Your Headshot and Product Photography Isn’t Just Important to Your Clients

PR pieces, press kits, and a good headshot have become a must-have for any successful business. From your company’s Instagram and Linkedin presence to your smiling mug on your business cards, selling your image is an essential part of your brand.

Be Confident In Your Image

However, the quality of that image isn’t just important to your clients. It affects your confidence in your business as well! Think of it: You’ve had a successful meeting with a prospective client. You’ve pitched them on your product or service and they are loving it! You know that this sale is in the bag. At the end of the meeting, hands are shaken and goodbyes are given. That’s when it happens.

“Oh, mind if I have a business card or two?”

Your swagger melts away as you remember that the headshot on your cards is from 10 years ago and prominently features a jacked up haircut, bad lighting, and looks like an ad from Glamour Shots. “Um…sure…just…uh…hold on a sec…excuse the old picture. Been meaning to update my cards.” You both laugh. Were they laughing with you or at you? Are you about to get your card passed around parties as a joke? Did he just snort?? You look for the closest rock to crawl under.

Food photography should be appetizing and beautiful!

Don’t Be Cheap With Your Image

You’ve worked hard on your products, services, and your pitches. Your suit is sharp and you are manicured to perfection! So, why are you walking around with a horrible headshot? In business, confidence is everything. If yours is shaken because your image doesn’t line up with the real you, what does that say about you to prospective clients? Whether it’s your headshot or images of your product or service, you owe it to yourself to have high-quality images made that show you in the best light. I take pride in helping businesses put their best foot forward with their marketing, however, I can’t help if you won’t make that investment in yourself.

Beverages should make you want to belly up to the bar!

Trust me: take time out from your busy schedule and get this done. Pay a professional. Don’t get your cousin Saul with the really good phone camera to do it. Like anything else in your business, it’s an investment in you. Think of it in terms of return on investment. If you go cheap, but you end up losing out on work because someone else has a more polished PR package, then did you really save any money? Quite the contrary. Due to your frugality, you lost money. Conversely, if you pay more for your image, but you end up securing work, the photos will pay for themselves many times over.

Hence, don’t be cheap when it comes to the most important part of your business: you!

Thank you to the following for their help in creating these images:

Amy Simon

Ford’s Fluent n’ food catering

Joint Venture Jewelry

Tonic Bar and Social Club

Clean, crisp imagery sells your brand.

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